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Who we are:

We welcome all to be real, be challenged, and be changed through Christian community and adventure in the heart of God’s creation.

How We Do It:

Camp Amnicon provides opportunities through wilderness trips, retreats, and hermitage to be real about who we are and be challenged to discover who we could be together—and in so doing to create room for Christ to bridge the gap.

Why We Do It:

Camp Amnicon’s role in Christ’s mission is to offer transformative experiences of adventure and community on the shores of Lake Superior to extend Christ’s welcome to all—especially those who have been left out or left behind.

What We Do:


Camp Amnicon provides canoeing and backpacking trips to groups age 12 and up, and wilderness-based family camp for all ages. Folks come to Amnicon in groups from churches and organizations of all kinds, and we especially love to serve groups from impoverished neighborhoods, treatment programs, immigrant communities, foster homes, reservations, and other underserved communities. We find that the kids who most need to get in the woods are often the least likely to have that opportunity. We’re trying to change that. Will you help?


Camp Amnicon’s retreat center and hermitage cabins are open all year. Our retreat center provides a beautiful and comfortable setting to to play, work, or connect with your group. Two hermitage cabins are a place for individuals or couples to come away for prayer, silence, and a space of your own.

Where We Are:

Camp Amnicon is located on the South Shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, about a half hour east of Duluth, MN. Our base camp is situated on nearly 800 acres of woodland, wetland, and shoreline at the mouth of the Amnicon River. 500 acres of the camp’s property are preserved forever under a conservation easement.  Amnicon’s wilderness trips take place on rivers, lakes, and trails all over Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

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