About the Camp Amnicon Conservation Easement

Before each group of kids gets into their canoes for a week-long adventure at Camp Amnicon, they learn about the ‘seven-generation principle.’ They learn that many Native American communities protected the about the land in it’s pristine state by thinking seven generations into the future in their decisions and campers are challenged to think the same way during their trip.  And we tell them that we at Camp Amnicon are working hard, with the help of you, our supporters, to be a seven-generation organization, so that someday they can take their kids, their grand-kids, their GREAT-grandkids to camp and find the same strong program and pristine land and water.

In 2014, the Camp Amnicon board of directors took a big step towards seven-generation sustainability by signing a historic conservation easement.  The easement legally protects 500 acres of Camp property as habitat in perpetuity, including a half-mile of wild Lake Superior shoreline and two miles along the Amnicon River; it excludes the area where the camp currently functions, as well as some extra space giving the ministry room to grow.

Protecting the Amnicon wetlands means protecting the fragile ecosystem of Lake Superior, and preserving the land for generations of youth to come is one more way to serve them with Christ’s love.

The Western Wisconsin Land Trust holds the easement on Camp Amnicon, and the administrative costs are funded by a $10,000 gift from Enbridge Energy and a $5,000 gift from a Land Trust member.   As an added bonus, the property will become a migratory bird research area through the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative. Bird experts say that Amnicon’s waterfront forest may be an especially important habitat component for neo-tropical migratory birds that summer in northern forests and winter in South America.

We are proud to be a seven-generation organization, seeking sustainability in our community, our programming, our finances, and our relationship with the land.  Many thanks are due to the Western Wisconsin Land Trust, Enbridge Energy, and the Amnicon Board of Directors for their work on this project, but the biggest thanks belong to you, the supporters and friends who sustain this ministry for the generations to come.

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