Outreach in the Heart of God’s Creation

Since 1966, Camp Amnicon has been committed to providing transformative experiences of adventure and community to people of all kinds–especially those who have been left behind or left out.

Every year, almost 50% of  Amnicon’s campers come from “at-risk” settings, including the inner-city and foster care agencies. Some kids and families have been dealt more than their fair share of hard-knocks because of things like the neighborhood they live in, their family situation, or the color of their skin.

At Camp Amnicon, we believe that our creator fervently desires shalom (peace, wholeness, justice and harmony) for the creation–and we believe that we are called to participate in that mission by offering Christ’s welcome to everyone we encounter.

What does that mean?  In practical terms, it means that we provide scholarship funds to any group that has need. We’re not willing to see money (or the lack of it) get between kids and the chance to experience the wilderness.

Providing safe and quality wilderness experiences is an expensive endeavor.  We estimate that it costs the camp $950 to bring each camper to Amnicon.  Even kids whose families are able to pay the full fee are only charged $450—and we rely on donors to make up the difference and keep camp accessible.

Please consider joining the Amnicon community in making wilderness experiences accessible to all of God’s children!

Every camper needs your help!

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