Wilderness Trip FAQs

Our goal is to support your ministry by sending kids home with

  • A strengthened sense of loving, Christian community among them

  • Better relationships with adult mentors from their community

  • A sense of confidence from having faced challenges together

  • Faith strengthened through thoughtful engagement, Bible study, and meaningful conversations with role models and each other

  • A sense of awe, appreciation, and care for God’s creation

The average cost per person of an Amnicon trip is $450. Amnicon trips are priced per-seat. This way, within the group-size limit, people can join or drop out right up to the last minute without affecting the total cost of the trip for others in the group.

If you register as a group, you must pay for a minimum of 4 seats. As an individual, you only pay for your seat, but you may need to be flexible with your dates and route preferences, since we will need to seat you with an existing or potential group.

Each trip option has a group-size limit, based on specific park rules and on Amnicon safety standards. Most trips have a group limit of 10, our Voyageur Canoeing trip has a limit of 12-14 (depending on number of adults attending), our solo-guided trips are limited at 4-6 participants (depending on the wilderness area). Read a full list of trips and prices.

We are committed to serving everyone, regardless of ability to pay, with a special focus on campers from low-income or at-risk environments. Thanks to generous donors, we’re able to offer ‘campership’ funding on an ‘as-needed’ basis. We encourage groups and individuals to find as much of their own funding as possible–and we’ll cover the rest. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this. If you have the resources, consider supporting us to fund these scholarships!

Camp Amnicon provides exceptionally well-trained guides, gear, food, and a creative, discussion-based Bible study (or secular theme study by request). All you need to bring is a group of campers or yourself! Most campers bring their own clothes, sleeping bag, rain gear, etc. but we have loaners of all of these if you don’t have your own.

Groups can be as big as fourteen people (Voyageur Canoeing in Voyageurs National Park) and have been as small as two. We have programs and pricing designed especially for small groups. Some churches have found that bringing a small group is just the move they need to begin building up their youth group. On the other side, larger organizations may enjoy sending several simultaneous trips. Most trips are set up for a maximum of ten people. Within the group size limits set for each trip, you can choose to bring as many kids and/or adults as you like. Most groups bring at least one adult mentor to build relationships with kids, and intergenerational trips with a mix of adults and youth have been very successful and rewarding for participants.

The typical Amnicon trip is 6 days and 5 nights long. Most trips run from Sunday-Friday or Monday-Saturday. Let us know if you’d like to consider other arrangements—we’re flexible! Many of our guides are itching to lead longer trips. Or maybe your group just wants to dip their toes in the wilderness-water with a three or four night trip.
Everyone should experience God’s creation, and we’ll work with your schedule.

Amnicon’s Bible study is designed to engage all learning types and areas of the brain with community experiences, creative expression, and open-ended discussion. It is designed to have synergy with the wilderness experience, and is something that could not easily be done in other settings. Campers tell us that they appreciate being challenged to engage seriously in their faith. For non-religious groups, we offer a secular study that uses the same model to build character and encourage community.

Camp Amnicon offers retreats for groups and individuals all year round, and an exciting on-site wilderness experience that’s great for groups that are looking for a more casually-wilderness experience. We’d love to help you with any retreat or family ministry needs you have, too! Let us know what you need, and we’ll tell you what our wilderness adventures can do for you.

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