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The Gitchegumee Society

The Gitchegumee Society is a community of passionate people who, through their annual giving, provide crucial financial leadership to Camp Amnicon’s mission. Join us!

Join Us!

Introducing the Gitchegumee Society

Time and again, in response to the needs of youth, caring people have joined together to make sure Camp Amnicon is a vital and vibrant resource for guiding youth from our communities into a future bright with promise and hope.

Now a new group of leaders is being called forth to support the ministry of Camp Amnicon

To sustain and enhance Amnicon in its mission, and to celebrate the remarkable commitment and generosity of those providing leadership support, the Board of Directors has established the Gitchegumee Society, an informal association of individuals and families who, through their annual giving, provide crucial financial leadership. These gifts are the most stable source of income for the camp and provide an immediate, meaningful impact.

Fees charged to youth and adult groups for camping and retreats do not cover all the costs of providing safe, quality programs. Members’ gifts, as part of the Amnicon Annual fund, are used to help keep fees reasonable, to give financial aid to youth and families who cannot afford to pay fees, to provide repairs and maintenance, and to launch new programs and services.

Gitchegumee Society members are some of Amnicon’s most dedicated and generous friends, essential for the continuing success of the ministry.

Thanking People of Uncommon Generosity

As a member, you will receive exclusive Gitchegumee Society benefits, including a special memento of appreciation, an invitation to the annual gathering of members and other special events, a subscription to the Gitchegumee Society newsletter, and special recognition in Amnicon’s annual report and other publications.

Above all, as a member you will have the satisfaction of participating in this work of guiding people of all ages, especially young people, to be real, be challenged, and be changed.

Your Invitation

You are cordially invited to join the Gitchegumee Society. Membership begins with an Amnicon Annual Fund gift of $500 or more during the calendar year. Other membership levels of $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 or more are available for those who wish to provide greater support.

Gifts can be given monthly, quarterly, or annually. You may honor a friend or loved one with an Honorary Membership. Memorial Memberships are also available. To join the Gitchegumee Society and begin your journey with this group of caring people, simply follow the link below to give now.

For more information, contact us at:

(715) 364-2602

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