Dates: May 29-August 18

Pay: $250/week


The Hospitality Coordinator must be…

  • Emotionally and Spiritually prepared for hard work in service to others
  • Attentive to details, specifically with regard to order and cleanliness
  • Flexible and Positive; willing to perform a variety of tasks as directed
  • Self-motivated and able to motivate others
  • Eager to participate in a Christian community
  • Excited to serve as the first line of hospitality for campers and guests
  • Over 16 – preferably over 18.


The Hospitality Coordinator will be responsible for completing in-base tasks and for leading and supervising whatever staff are working on hospitality oriented tasks in-base. On any given week, the in-base staff team may be anywhere from 1-5 people, depending on the summer trip schedule. The Hospitality Coordinator, along with the staff assigned to them, will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining cleanliness and order, housekeeping, prepping and serving meals
  • Assisting with packing food and gear for wilderness trips, and assisting campers with clean-up before and after wilderness trips
  • Mowing, trimming, gardening, and other site-keeping duties as assigned
  • Assisting the cooks, washing dishes, cataloging and stocking food deliveries
  • Participating in leading campfire, supervising in-base groups for short periods of time, and other program duties as assigned
  • Co-Guiding at least one summer trip
  • Performing a wide variety of other tasks, often unpredictable in nature or unplanned, to help the camp run smoothly

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