3 Things You Need to Hear If You’re a Camp Supporter

Oct 25, 2015Camp Life


We really believe—and I know you do too—that when we feel safe to be real and authentic, living into our ‘capable and loveable child of God’ identity, and when we’re challenged, pushed outside of our comfort zones, it makes a lot of space for Christ to come in and change us. That’s what Amnicon campers experience here, thanks to your care and support. They have a few things to say to you about it.

Working together is the best way to work.

“Thanks so much for making this trip happen. You are definitely putting your money to good worth. We all built a community together. We couldn’t have done that without you. You cannot believe how respectful and caring everybody is here, so keep helping us here. Thank you J -Marissa

“Thank you for allowing this trip to change me.” –Paige

“I’d like to say that sponsoring Camp Amnicon is a wonderful choice because it provides an amazing opportunity to gain new experiences, enjoy the wildlife of the river and to create and improve relationships with our friends, leaders, and God. By supporting Amnicon, you create weeks of fun for many excited kids and wonderful leaders, and allow everyone of them to experience God’s kingdom in a new awesome way. Thank you so much for giving to Amnicon and making all of this possible.” –Sam

All summer long, we’ve been seeing your gifts come to fruition in the lives of these beautiful, capable and loveable children of God. Thank you for caring for them so much!

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