Wilderness Trip FAQs

Why should I come to camp this summer?

Camp Amnicon offers amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Our trips are full of adventure, discovery, and community building. Being in the wilderness together, sharing experiences with each other, and overcoming obstacles as a team are some of the best ways to build lasting friendships and grow closer to God. By the end of the week, you will also have learned new skills like how to steer a canoe or build a fire in the rain. You don’t want to miss out on all the wilderness has to offer!

What if I’ve never been camping before?

That’s totally fine! LOTS of people who come to Amnicon have never been camping before. We have a full day of orientation before each trip. Plus, each group gets sent with two experienced and highly trained guides. These guides will help you pack, navigate, cook meals, take care of any first aid, and lead Bible Study and daily devotions. They will also teach you anything you might need to know, like how to set up a tent or how to read an upcoming rapid. You are in good hands!

How does registration work?

We have different options available for group registration and individual registration! Contact Us to discuss which trip option might be best for you, and which dates we have available.

What does a typical week at camp look like?

Your exact schedule will be determined by which trip you’re going on. You’ll get a more detailed schedule when you sign up. Typically, groups arrive between 2-4 pm on the first day. There’s time to meet your guides, go over some important health and safety information, eat dinner, and head down to our beach on Lake Superior for a fun evening campfire to kick off the week. You’ll spend your first night sleeping on site at Camp Amnicon. The next morning we’ll drive you out to the location of your wilderness adventure! Groups typically spend three or four nights traveling by foot or canoe from campsite to campsite. Each day there is time for intentional discussions, setting up and tearing down your campsite, cooking meals over a fire, swimming, and exploring your natural surroundings. We’ll pick you up and drive you back to Camp Amnicon at the end of the week where you’ll clean your gear, shower, and do an evaluation of the week before heading home.

I have some ideas for a customized wilderness adventure. How flexible are your programs?

We’d love to hear your ideas! We’re usually able to accommodate most group needs including large or small group sizes, longer or shorter trip lengths, incorporating special programmatic needs, special diets, you name it! We love being flexible to make your wilderness adventure experience everything you want it to be.

What if I can’t afford the full cost of a trip?

We never want money to be the reason why someone wouldn’t get to come to camp. We are happy to help your group fundraise, and we have camper scholarships available as well. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you need help!

What is included in an Amnicon wilderness adventure?

Amnicon trips are all-inclusive! We send two highly trained wilderness guides with each group. We also provide all the food, equipment, and gear you might need. You are just responsible for bringing your clothes and sleeping bag, and we even have extra sleeping bags available if you need them.