The Amnicon Volunteer Corps

What is the Amnicon Volunteer Corps?

Join the Amnicon Volunteer Corps for a year of intentional and sustainable community life and fulfilling service at Camp Amnicon. This program is for people excited about living simply, working for social justice, and promoting care for the earth and all God’s people.


  • Room and Board

  • Flexible environment

  • Monthly stipend

  • Health-care fund

  • Access to 800 acres on the shore of Lake Superior

  • A paid position on summer staff

  • Experience in non-profit work

  • Life in Christ-centered community

Our Volunteers Say…

I find the work and community here incredibly fulfilling—and I’m learning skills that will be important in my future career. My time at Amnicon has changed me; since coming here I’ve become more open, more committed to social justice issues, more myself. On a personal and spiritual level as well as a professional one I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

-Bethany (Recent Volunteer)

Great place, great community, and great experience! Spending my first year out of college with the Amnicon Volunteer Corps has been an incredible opportunity… not only do I get to devote my energies towards a world-changing ministry, but I also get to spend my free time walking on the shores of Lake Superior and canoeing the Amnicon river.

-Brendan (Recent Volunteer)

What I’m enjoying most about my year as an Amnicon Volunteer Corps member is having the time and space away from modern technological distractions. Immersed in the natural world sans distractions, I’ve been able to give much thought, practice, and reflection to how I interact with the world. I am very thankful for having been an Amnicon Volunteer Corps member, as it has had and will continue to have a lasting impact on my life.

-Ryan (Recent Volunteer)


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