Employment at Camp Amnicon

Camp Amnicon is looking for people who…

Are open to participating in a faith-based community with caring and compassionate words and actions.

Are trustworthy for the responsibility of facilitating safe and positive wilderness experiences.

Are willing to be Christ-like servant leaders for their groups and among the staff.

Are passionate about participating in God’s work of peace, wholeness, justice, and harmony by serving youth and adults from all walks of life.

Are ready to have their lives and the lives of their campers changed by an entirely unique experience of community, service, and wilderness.

Have a sense of adventure, and aren’t afraid to get dirty for the sake of others.

Does this sound like you? Apply today to join our summer staff community!

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Questions? Contact us at info@amnicon.org or call us at 715-364-2602.

We’ll be happy to talk with you about what your role on staff at Camp Amnicon might look like.