Guest Post: Audrey Dontje Lindell on Changing the World and Being Changed

Nov 15, 2015Camp Life

Audrey has spent two summers at Amnicon as a guide, and next summer she’ll take on the role of Summer Assistant Director. Here, she reflects beautifully on the impact that her experiences at camp have had on her.

“At Luther College, I am defined by where I’m from (St. Peter, MN), my year (last), my area of study (Religion and French). At Amnicon, I learned who I really am. It’s not that I wasn’t me before I first pulled up, shy and nervous and excited, to the lawn which I later learned was full of clover incidentally blessed full to bursting with peace. Still, I hadn’t realized exactly how wide I could be, the capable and lovable child of God that I am. I hadn’t found my edges yet.


“Who doesn’t want to be a person who can change a world? I did, but I didn’t even know my place in the world yet. Amnicon showed me how to relate to each child, each family, as the hungry, thirsty, needy stranger we all are, and that’s when I “found Jesus.” That’s where I find Jesus: in me, in you, in the home of the sun and the rain and the life around us. I am and always will be secure in the web created by a bottomless throw bag which binds me to a community entirely surrounding this pretty planet. You can’t find edges that do not exist, just like it’s impossible to define where a natural body of water begins and where it ends.


“So  I am a truer version of myself, shaped further by the honest, raw questions about who we are and who God is. Questions which come to the surface with the smell of a crisp, early morning filled with the excitement of birds and the promise of an adventure, or during a slow, warm afternoon listening to the wind through the trees (or maybe that’s the rush of water over upcoming rapids? It’s hard to tell), or that introspective moment of stillness around the crackling evening fire while the rhythm of waves plays nearby. I am more than a student from St. Peter studying Religion and French. And to get to be included in an experience which offers that hope and meaning for anyone and everyone? That’s the sort of change I’m grateful to be a part of.”

Thank you, Audrey! We’re grateful to have you on the team! If you’re interested in having an experience like Audrey’s apply to be on the 2016 summer staff! 


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