“I Changed From Before I Came To Camp”: One Camper’s Canoe Trip Adventure

Nov 1, 2015Camp Life

Dasiyah and a group of her friends went on an Amnicon canoeing trip last summer. Many of them, including outspoken Dasiyah, were pretty nervous about spending all of that time in the woods. Here’s what Dasiyah had to say at the end of her trip!


“I changed from before I came to camp—I was petrified of bugs, and I had a phobia of spiders. When I got to camp the first day was rough. It was raining and icky and I had a big problem with that—actually a bug made me cry! Until after going on more and more I got used to the bugs. I went from where I would see a spider and freak out and tell someone to kill it to me realizing that it was their home and I was invading their space, so I’d just leave it alone and not kill it. I got more confident with myself and with bugs, and actually be self-controlled and not freaking out.

I’ve known these girls for a really long time, but I’ve never known them in the sense that I know them now. Being at camp I got to know them better—like a 6th grader I’d never hung out with much, having her in my tent and getting to know her and share stories from our lives… it was nice, getting to see a side of her I hadn’t known before.  Getting to know all of them—I see them differently than how I saw them before. Before I saw just another girl, and now I see their flaws and mistakes that they cover up, and it still doesn’t matter and it doesn’t define them.”

Dasiyah’s group was only able to cover one fourth of the cost of their trip–the rest was covered by YOU, the supporters and donors who make it all possible. The same group is on the calendar for next summer. If Dasiyah’s going to come back to camp, we need your help! If you give before the end of 2015, your gift will have DOUBLE the impact on kids like Dasiyah! Help Dasiyah out now

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