New Mission! New Values! Same Amnicon!

Mar 19, 2018Camp Life

We are very excited to announce that we now have a new Mission Statement and set of Core Values! Our Board of Directors has been working hard to put these together. For nearly a year, a Strategic Task Force talked with our campers, staff, volunteers, donors, and guests about what is it that makes us who we are. What are we doing well? How do we do that better? What do we need to stop doing that’s hurting us?

It’s a really interesting process, a sort of self-evaluation. Don’t worry! We’re not changing our identity by any means. It’s more like a refining process. We’re becoming more of who we already are. Having a Mission Statement that’s easier to understand and having a set of Core Values helps us provide better experiences to our campers. It means we can be more efficient and more effective in what we were already doing. And ultimately, it means we can better equip people to experience grace beyond their comfort zones!

It’s a very exciting time to be involved at Camp Amnicon!

Check out our new mission and values here!

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