Wilderness Discovery

Welcome to the Wilderness!

Our Wilderness Discovery program is great for younger, novice campers. Campers will spend the whole week at Amnicon with their primary base being Adizokan Village. Here they will sleep in platform tents, have meals cooked on a fire, and stay a short walk from our beach on Lake Superior.


Group Size: 3-10 people

Ages: 9-12

Trip Length: 5 days / 4 nights

Cost: $4500/group

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about the trip

Days will consist of swimming in the Amnicon River and Lake Superior, going on hikes on our property, and plenty of games! We will even go on a short canoe trip on the Amnicon River and spend a night camping at our Outpost Campsite.

This trip is a great way to experience nature and get to know the possibilities it holds. There is plenty of adventure out there, all you have to do is go discover it!

Trip overview

You’ll spend two days exploring and enjoying all that Amnicon has to offer: Clay Mountain, our sandy beach on Lake Superior, the Amnicon River, an eagles’ nest, and so much more! There will be time for group games, campfires, cooking over the fire, swimming, story-telling, and working on nature/art projects. Then you’ll canoe up the Amnicon River and spend one night camping in tents at our canoe-in-only campsite.

You end your trip by sleeping under the stars on the beach. Campers will also engage in meaningful conversations and team-building activities that will deepen their relationships with each other, develop their understanding of themselves, and broaden their appreciation for the natural world.   

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What Covid Precautions Are You Taking?

We’ve carefully considered the recommendations of the CDC, the American Camps Association (our accrediting organization), and the WI Dept of Health. Overall we’ve been very encouraged by our research! Apparently the way we operate (with small groups staying outdoors in remote locations) is one of the safest ways to come together in person. We found a COVID-safe way to run our wilderness adventures in 2020, so no matter what 2021 brings we know we’ll be ready to run these adventures again.

To protect our campers and staff, we’ve come up with the following practices:

  • Group sizes are kept small
  • All members of a group must be coming from the same geographical region
  • Different groups are kept apart from each other
  • All group activities take place outdoors
  • We wear cloth face coverings and stay behind impermeable barriers any time we share an indoor space (such as walking through the dining hall to get food or riding in the van to the trailhead)
  • We ventilate indoor areas as best as possible
  • We assign equipement and reduce sharing
  • Campers are given hammocks with bug nets & rain fly’s for private sleeping accomodations

There are a few other precautionary measures we’re taking as well. If you’re interested, click here to read our full COVID response policies. 

Who Can Come on a Wilderness Discovery Trip?

Trip participants must be

  • At least 9 years old on the first day of the trip,
  • In reasonably good health, AND
  • Have a licensed medical practitioner sign a health form certifying that they are healthy enough to engage in the kinds of activities we’ll do on this trip.
  • Anyone with a chronic medical condition must be able to manage their own care without assistance, bring all their own medications and supplies, be willing and able to communicate with Amnicon staff if they’re not doing well, have experience managing their condition during periods of increased stress & exertion, and have not had any medical emergencies within the last year. 

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