Voyageur’s Club Day Trips Summer 2021

Apr 1, 2021Events

Doesn’t it seem a little unfair that all the interesting, educational, and personal growth opportunities out there are reserved for students? Would you like to have big adventures, learn new skills, and make new friends? Then join us in the Voyageur’s Club! We’re offering a variety of adventures – one day canoe trips near the Twin Cities metro area, weekend long glamping adventures, wilderness skills trainings, and more!  These are fun experiences, designed to bring people together in a safe and meaningful way. Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Summer 2021 Day Trips

All day-trips are $50/day, and are scheduled to run 9 am – 3 pm.

July 6 – Voyageur Canoeing on the Minnesota River

Join us in one of our signature 35′ Montreal Canoes! Amnicon guides will teach songs and lead games to help everyone paddle in time together. It’s a fun, team-building experience working together like that. You’ll encounter Cedar Ave, 35E, and 62 like you’ve never traveled them before…traveling under the bridges instead of over them. We’ll paddle through Fort Snelling State Park and meet up with the Mississippi River to see the confluence of the two largest rivers in the area- a sacred place, rich with history and full of stories. Throughout the day, we’ll make time to clean up trash and leave the river more beautiful than we found it.

July 20 – Adventure on the Lower St Croix

If you’re looking to be awed by Nature, look no further than the Lower St Croix. It flows through a heavily wooded, steep-sided valley with occasional sandstone and limestone bluffs. Dozens of islands, winding side channels and shaded backwaters offer opportunities for quiet exploration. Wonder and delight are easy to come by in this beautiful place. Appreciation and joy are infused into every experience as you get the chance to gather safely in-person and dig deep into life with other mindful people.  Don’t miss out!

August 3 – Cannon River Exploration

Everyone loves the Cannon! It’s everything you want in a day-trip. You’ll have fun, make memories, learn new skills, and deepen friendships. The Cannon is generally an easy flowing river with a few riffles, making it suitable for beginning paddlers. It’s also abundant with wildlife and undeveloped natural beauty, making it enjoyable for experienced canoeists as well. 

Fun Fact: It was named “La Riviere aux Canots” (“The River of Canoes”) by the Voyageurs (French fur traders) who witnessed the Dakota people canoeing up the riverway to their bison hunting grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What COVID precautions are you taking?

Amnicon Adventures are remarkably amenable to COVID precautions. You won’t interact with anyone outside your group, all group activities will take place outdoors, and we’ll mask up anytime we can’t physically distance… and there’s usually plenty of room to physically distance. The American Camps Association (our accrediting org) did a big survey in 2020 and found that camps who followed all of the above precautions had ZERO instances of COVID transmission. COVID can’t stop us from having fun, making memories, or connecting with God, friends, and nature. 

There are a few other precautionary measures we’re taking as well. If you’re interested, click here to read our full COVID response policies.

What is the cost?

All day trips cost $50/person/day, and covers all the food, guides, and gear you’ll need to have a fantastic experience! 

As always, we never want money to be the reason why someone wouldn’t get to come to Amnicon. If you’d love to join us for a day trip but the price is prohibitive, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to work something out. 

Who can come?

Participants must be at least 18 years old, and in reasonably good health. These day trips are not handicap accessible. Participants must be able to stand, sit, and walk independently and be able to lift and carry 30 pounds over a short distance. Participants with chronic medical conditions must be able to manage their care without assistance, and have not had any medical emergencies within the last year. 

What will the spiritual component of the trip be like?

We are a Lutheran-affiliated camp, so there will be a spiritual side to this adventure! 

All spiritual elements of this trip are designed to bring people closer to each other and closer to God. Do you have doubts, struggles, questions? Good! This is a safe place to share those and talk about them openly. Have you walked with God for a long time? Good! Please share that too, and be ready to learn from the life experiences of the other humans in the group.

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