What’s Your Diagnosis?

Oct 18, 2015Camp Life

ICAL stands for I am Capable And Lovable. If campers can go home saying—and believing—“I am a capable and loveable child of God,” we’re doing our job! Here’s one mom’s reflection on what ICAL means to her family.

“I want to thank Camp Amnicon, especially family camp staff. We had an excellent week with them. My kids, Xavier, Lydia, and Tobin, still talk about our experience and time with them. I will forever have in my memory my kids yelling “I am a lovable and capable child of God” as we canoed up the Amnicon river.

After our trip we received news that our son Xavier is being diagnosed with ADHD. I had been really nervous and anxious leading up to this evaluation. HOWEVER… my son had already been given a diagnosis at Camp Amnicon. He is an ICAL. That is the acronym that defines who he is, not ADHD.


The week at camp reminded me of God’s continual presence and showed me how God sees my children and even myself. I preach this stuff (God with us) all the time being a pastor, but experiencing it was so good for me and my family. Thank you. Again, thank you for a great week and for giving my kids and me ICAL! Hope to back soon.”
-Rebecca Bredin, Family Camper

Thank you for making the Breddin Family’s ICAL story possible through your support! Remember: every family needs your help to come to camp–and your gift RIGHT NOW will have double the impact thanks to a matching gift! Help families come next year. Don’t forget–YOU can come to camp too! Registration is open now for 2016 family camp. 


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