Greetings once again from Camp Amnicon! And a Happy New Year!

It’s a balmy 2°F by the Lake today. Frankly, I’m too scared to look at the wind chill. Are you staying warm this January?

Well, just in case you’ve decided desperate times call for desperate measures, here are a few tips from some winter camping enthusiasts about the best ways to stay warm when it’s just you, the elements, and of course a few small necessities.

15 Tips for Winter Camping


I think the Vaseline trick towards the bottom could be really useful!

Not up for winter camping just yet? Try a Hermitage Cabin at Amnicon instead! They’re cozy enough for the home-body, rustic enough for the adventurous spirit, and the fireplace lights itself.

We’ll leave a light on for you. Stay warm, folks!


Brad Damon

Associate Director