About amnicon

We understand how hard it is to break away from the craziness of life and into the time and space to do what really matters.

We understand how important it is for individuals, families, youth, and adults to find meaningful experiences that promote discovery and growth.

We understand how vital it is to experience grace and growth as part of a community where all are valued as capable and lovable people.


As a wilderness adventure camp that offers year-round wilderness trips and retreats, our mission is to guide people to experience growth and grace in the wild places of God’s creation.

Our rustic and secluded site sits on the Wisconsin south shore of Lake Superior, an easy half-hour drive east of downtown Duluth, MN.

We are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, owned and operated by the Camp Amnicon Foundation, a community of donors, volunteers, and supporters that are dedicated to making sure you have the opportunity to experience Growth & Grace in the wild places of God’s creation. 

our mission

The mission of Amnicon is to…

Guide People to Experience Growth and Grace

in the Wild Places of God’s Creation.


At Amnicon we value…

  • Welcoming and recognizing people just as they are, valued and loved by God.

  • Honoring the healing influence of being immersed in nature.

  • Teaching and modeling stewardship of nature.

  • Providing access to Lake Superior and surrounding waterways.

  • Stepping beyond comfort zones to experience growth.

  • Training competent staff to guide fun and safe wilderness experiences.

  • Dwelling in the mystery of the deep questions of life and faith together.

  • Modeling life in intentional community.

  • Following Jesus’s example of love, compassion and acceptance.

  • Sending people out, more confident to navigate life’s challenges.

Some of the especially important ways we live out our values include:

  • Accepting, welcoming, and including individuals within a wide range of faith and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof), Christian or otherwise.
  • Partnering with a wide variety of faith-based, community, social service, and outdoor-based organizations that share in one or more of our values, regardless of whether or not those organizations identify as Christian or religious. 
  • Accepting, welcoming, and including LGBTQ individuals and groups. We do our best to provide the unique facility accommodations desired by each transgender guest. 
  • Recognizing that we own land and have adopted words as our own that first belonged to the indigenous communities that called our land home. We recognize that our native communities were unjustly excluded from this and we are in the process of building education and reconciliation into the life of our organization.
  • Providing free and accessible opportunities for communities of color, recent immigrant communities, and other under-served or marginalized communities so they can experience growth through wilderness adventure. 
  • Working to care for and steward the land that we own and waters that surround us, as well as making decisions and operating in a way that promotes environmental sustainability for all of creation and fights climate change.


Adventure Trips

Retreat Groups


The chi-rho is an ancient Christian symbol for community and Christ. It is comprised of two Greek letters. The chi (rhymes with eye) is the cross shape, and the rho (rhymes with go) is the P. Together they are the first two letters in Cristos, which means Christ. Early Christians would use the chi-rho as a way of identifying each other. In a world full of persecution and danger, a chi-rho meant they were safe with each other and that God was with them. It still means that today.
Amnicon has adopted the chi-rho as its own, and gives a chi-rho necklace to everyone who comes on an Amnicon trip. It reminds our campers of the communities we form when we venture into the wilderness, and the lessons we learn while we’re there. The pendants are made of pewter, which is an amalgam of many different kinds of metals, just as our communities are formed of many kinds of people. It is strung on a leather strand, a natural and rustic material just like the experiences we create here. For each trip you come on as a camper, or for each year you work on staff, you get to add another knot to the leather. Every knot is a significant achievement, and some people have as many as 25 knots in their leather! 
Every chi-rho and every knot comes with a blessing and a promise. We want our campers and staff to always know that they are Capable and Lovable, and that they will always have a home here at Amnicon. If you ever lose or break your chi-rho we will always replace it for you, free of charge, and send it to you with another blessing.

adventures for all

adventure trips

Going into the wilderness together as a small group is one of the best ways for people to grow personally, for groups to bond strongly, and for everyone to encounter God in totally amazing and unique ways.

group Retreats

With it’s large, cozy gathering room and beautiful views of the Amnicon River valley, this rustic lodge is a great space for your church group to bond, your family to gather for holidays, or your work team to brainstorm.

personal Retreats

The experience of taking a personal retreat is gaining popularity as people recognize the need to take time for renewal. In our hectic world, these cabins provide a space free of distraction to slow down the pace of life, restore balance, wander, think, and pray

did you know?

our land is protected forever

We’ve set aside some of our land, protected from development. Forever.