Twin Cities Day Trip Adventures

Our trips are valuable experiences where people get to have fun, grow personally, overcome obstacles, build deep relationships, and encounter God in the wilderness in unique and awe-inspiring ways.


A one-day adventure near the Twin Cities Metro Area is a great introduction to canoeing & community life. Get your group together outside of church, outside of school, outside of work…and give them an experience they’ll remember, to help them connect deeply & meaningfully with each other, with God, and with the natural world around them. 

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Voyageur Canoeing on the Mighty Mississippi

A community-building experience like none other, everyone is *literally* all in the same boat together on this adventure…a 35′ Montreal Canoe! Your guides will teach songs and lead games to help everyone paddle in time together. Encounter Cedar Ave, 35E, and 62 like you’ve never traveled them before, under the bridges instead of over them. You’ll paddle through Fort Snelling State Park and meet up with the Mississippi River to see and feel the confluence of the two largest rivers in the area, a sacred place rich with history and full of stories. Throughout the day, we’ll make time to clean up trash and leave the river more beautiful than we found it.

Ages 11+
Group Size: 10-14 people
Cost: $600

Cannon River Exploration

Everyone loves the Cannon! It’s everything you want in a day-trip. You’ll have fun, make memories, learn new skills, and deepen friendships.

The Cannon is generally an easy flowing river with a few riffles, making it suitable for beginning paddlers. It’s also abundant with wildlife and undeveloped natural beauty, making it enjoyable for experienced canoeists as well. 

Fun Fact: It was named “La Riviere aux Canots” (“The River of Canoes”) by the Voyageurs (French fur traders) who witnessed the Dakota people canoeing up the riverway to their bison hunting grounds.

Ages: 11+
Group Size: 3-10 people
Cost: $600

Adventure on the Lower St Croix

If you’re looking to be awed by Nature, look no further than the Lower St Croix. It flows through a heavily wooded, steep-sided valley with occasional sandstone and limestone bluffs. Dozens of islands, winding side channels and shaded backwaters offer opportunities for quiet exploration. 

Wonder and delight are easy to come by in this beautiful place. Appreciation and enjoyment are infused into every group’s experience as they get the chance to gather safely in-person and dig deep into life together.  Don’t miss out!

Ages: 11+
Group Size: 3-10 people
Cost: $600

frequently asked questions

What's a general schedule for the day?

Day trips typically run 9 am to 3 pm.

You’ll meet your guides at the trail head in the morning to go over what expect before embarking on your adventure. The day will be filled with paddling, playing, exploring, eating lunch, and spending time intentionally reflecting on this beautiful world, our place in it, and the amazing God who made it.

As with any wilderness adventure, there is a small chance that things don’t go according to plan. Our guides are highly trained for wilderness settings, and will have means to communicate with Amnicon if they are going to be delayed for any reason. Amnicon will notify camper parents (or appropriate contact person) if the group is running late.

What all is included?

Your trip will come with two highly trained wilderness guides who will lead all aspects of the adventure, including navigation, teaching skills, leading devotions, and doing First Aid. Amnicon also provides all necessary gear including the canoe(s), paddles, and life jackets. Lunch, snacks, and beverages are included as well, and we’ll provide shuttle service to get you back to your car at the end of the day. 

You’re just responsible for getting yourself to and from the trip!

How much does it cost?

We’re asking $550/group/day

As always, we never want money to be the reason why someone doesn’t get to experience one of our trips. If the cost is prohibitive, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We have some camper scholarships and discounts available.

What are the guides like?

Our wilderness guides are amazing, and you’ll love them. We send two highly trained individuals with each group. They will be at least 19 years old, and have been chosen because they have demonstrated an impressive level of maturity, care of creation, and a desire to connect with and serve our campers. We do our best to hire a diverse staff every year, and often hire staff from overseas! Amnicon does not discriminate in our hiring based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, or religious affiliation.

Can individuals sign up too, or just groups?

Right now it’s just group registrations, but we’ll be publishing some open enroll date & trip options as soon as we can! If you are interested in signing up (either with a group, by yourself, or with a buddy) PLEASE let us know so that we can make it happen!

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