Voyageur Canoeing

in Voyageur's National Park

Paddling together in rhythm in a historic 34′ Voyageur canoe, you’ll explore the same narrow inlets and wide lakes that were traveled by French-Canadian Voyageurs 200 years ago.  Along the wild shorelines you’ll pass by old fish camps and pioneer cabins that date back to an earlier age.


Ages: 14+

Group Size: 10-14 people

Cost: $4500/group


about the destination

Along the Minnesota-Canada border lays the pristine wilderness of Voyageurs National Park, harboring 218,000 acres of forest, water, and some of the oldest exposed rock formations in the world. You’ll embark from Crane Lake and soon be in the protected waterways and rugged terrain that provide habitat for moose, otter, beaver, loon and bald eagle.

The trip begins at Amnicon with orientation and preparation, so that you will be fully equipped to have a successful experience. The next morning, we’ll drive you out to the wilderness and the real adventure begins. For the next 4 nights/5 days, your group will explore these historic waterways in one of our Montreal canoes. Each day you’ll paddle together, set up camp, enjoying good food and company along the way. 

There is time throughout the week to play, relax, swim, hike, and explore. At the end of the week, we’ll drive you back to Amnicon to debrief and shower before heading home. Few other opportunities provide the kind of positive, intense, community-building experience that this awe-inspiring week provides. 

frequently asked questions

What are campsites like?

Campsites are maintained by the Nat’l Park Service, and are accessible only by water.  

Is it safe?

We have decades of organizational knowledge for how to operate these boats in this kind of setting. Our guides are highly trained to make safe travel decisions.  

Is there time for swimming?

We love swimming, and try to make time to swim every day. Your guides will let you know when & where it is safe to swim. 

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