Whitewater Canoeing on the Brule

An exhilarating experience!

Feel your soul come alive as you conquer set after set of white water rapids! If you’ve never paddled white water before, it’s like a roller coaster you can win! We give Brule groups an extra day in base at the beginning of the week to learn and practice paddling skills, so even novice canoeists are prepared for the challenges to come.


Group Size: 3-10 people

Ages: 14+ 

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Trip overview

Your first day on the river brings a variety of paddling experiences, including wide flat stretches and a few fun sets of rapids called “May’s Rip” and “Little Joe”. Your second day on the river is called “Meadows Day”, and it’s a shorter day of paddling through narrow, winding sections of the river.

The third day on the river is called “Ledges Day” because you encounter two long sets of rapids that each have multiple ledges in them. Before shooting the ledges, your guides will pull the group off the river so that you can portage your gear around the rapids and shoot the ledges in empty canoes.

The fourth day on the river brings you to the mouth of the Brule River on the South Shore of Lake Superior. You feel triumphant as you see the river open up to The Lake, knowing you have completed the entire river. Each day will end with setting up camp alongside the Brule, eating dinners cooked over an open fire, Bible Study, discussions and more underneath a wild sky.

frequently asked questions

What are campsites like?

The first two nights on the river we stay in campgrounds at State Parks along the river. They are beautiful and well maintained, although they do tend to be popular with other people, including people who are car-camping. We try to choose campsites that are more private, and closer to the river, but sometimes you can only take what’s available. Campgrounds have sturdy outhouses & artesian wells. On the third night on trail, we camp at a small town-run campground that feels like sleeping in a wide field beside the river.

Is there time for swimming?

Maybe. We all love to swim, but the Brule River Trip tends to require more paddling, so there isn’t as much time to swim. If swimming is a priority for you, let your guides know, and they’ll do what they can.

Who can come on a Brule trip?

 Participants must be at least 14 years old on the first day of the trip, and in reasonably good health. Participants with chronic medical conditions must be able to manage their health without assistance and have not needed emergency care within the last year. 

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