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Thank you for serving as a reference for one of our applicants.  Please complete this form promptly – we will be unable to offer a position to the applicant until we have received a completed reference. This form should take no more than 10 minutes. 

As a reference it is important for you to know a little about us. Amnicon is a Lutheran Outdoor Ministry affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). We offer high adventure wilderness programs for youth and adults.  We focus on spiritual reflection, community living, leadership development, and environmental stewardship.  If hired, the applicant will be responsible for the supervision and safety of camping and retreat groups, often far from emergency services and support. Specific responsibilities will vary depending on the position for which they are applying. Please see Amnicon’s employment page for more detailed job descriptions.

Maturity and judgment as well as being a positive role model are important qualities for an Amnicon Staff Member.  We are therefore eager to select those individuals whose personal attributes and abilities indicate that they have the greatest potential for working successfully with youth in a wilderness setting. An Amnicon Staff Member will often find themselves far outside their comfort zone, surrounded by strange places and new people who are also outside their own comfort zones, and if that wasn’t enough, it frequently rains. We are looking for those individuals who can, in the midst of such challenges, maintain a cheerful attitude, exercise good judgment to accomplish the tasks at hand, and make the best decisions for their groups’ safety.

Please give careful consideration to the questions listed below.  There will be a space at the end for any additional comments.  Your insight is greatly appreciated.  You can learn more about Amnicon at

Thank you for serving as a reference!

Brad Damon, Associate Director