As a Thrivent Member, you have a unique opportunity to make an impact on Amnicon. Learn more about these two easy opportunities below.


By directing your eligible Choice Dollars, you decide where Thrivent directs some of its charitable giving. Direct your Choice Dollars to Amnicon using these steps:

1. Visit
2. Click Direct Choice Dollars.
3. Log in by entering your User ID and password.
(If you haven’t yet registered on, click
Register for account access.)
4. Choose Amnicon as the organization to which you want to direct your Choice Dollars to:
a. If you have directed to Amnicon before:
• Click Direct Now next to Amnicon, or
• Click on the View Activity History link, scroll down and find Amnicon
b. To direct to Amnicon for the first time, find the Search box and enter: “CAMP AMNICON FOUNDATION”
5. Choose Direct All or enter a specific number and click Direct Now. Follow the prompts on the confirmation page to direct Choice Dollars.


You can provide Amnicon with a $250 grant from Thrivent for a special project or event by applying for an Action Team. Follow these steps:

1. Contact Us to discuss where your Action Team will be most beneficial for Amnicon.
2. We will give you the specific information you need to complete your application, including:
• The estimated project date. (Allow 14 days for the review of your application and the shipping of your Thrivent Action Kit.)
• A short description of your project and how your volunteer team will be involved.
• How you’ll use your Action Team grant funds.
3. Now that you have everything you need, visit and click Apply Now to begin the application process. Make sure you have your user name and password. Applying for a Thrivent Action Team takes less than 15 minutes.