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TRIP TYPE: Sailing on Lake Superior

DATES: August 11-16, 2024

AGES: 18+

COST: $750/person


Sail the Apostle Islands!

The Apostle Islands are heralded for their mythic beauty, and you get to tour them on a 55′, two-masted Schooner called the Abbey Road. Sailing is an amazing blend of thrilling and peaceful. You’ll fly across the water, on the biggest lake in the world, enjoying the stunning views that only the Apostle Islands can give you. You’ll dig deep into life with your fellow travelers, and experience God’s awesome presence in real ways. It’s an amazing trip that you don’t want to miss!

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Trip Cost: $750/person

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All trip participants must be seen by a licensed medical practitioner within 1 year prior to the trip. EITHER get a doctor to sign the form below, OR get a copy of an after visit summary from your health care provider. Forms may be uploaded here or brought to camp. 

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frequently asked questions

What is a schedule for the week?

On the first day, you’ll come to Amnicon’s base camp to meet your guide and learn everything you need to know to be prepared for a safe and fun experience. We do a big campfire on our sandy beach of Lake Superior that night.

The next morning, we drive you out to the Islands and the adventure begins! Each day you’ll sail, swim, explore, and connect. You’ll end each evening with a intentional and meaningful community conversation around the fire. After three nights touring the islands, we’ll pick you up and bring you back to Amnicon.

The trip culminates in a campfire and closing ceremony back at our sandy Lake Superior beach. With a sky full of stars above you, the biggest lake in the world beside you, and your new-found-friends in front of you, it is plain to see the wonder of creation and the Grace of God.

You don’t want to miss this!

What is the Bible study like?

We’ll start and end every day with a brief devotion we like to call First & Last Words. First Word usually consists of 15-20 minutes of reading a short story or poem, and then discussing it as a a group. Last Word is a little bit longer, as we gather around the campfire in the evening. Everyone in the group will have the opportunity to share a story from their own life, and hear and discuss a story from the Bible.

All spiritual elements of this trip are designed to bring people closer to each other and closer to God. Do you have doubts, struggles, questions? Good! This is a safe place to share those and talk about them openly. Have you walked with God for a long time? Good! Please share that experience too, and be ready to learn from the life experiences of the other people on the trip.

What are the guides like?

Our wilderness guides are amazing, and you’ll love them. They will be at least 19 years old, and have been chosen because they have demonstrated an impressive level of maturity, care of creation, and a desire to connect with and serve our campers. We do our best to hire a diverse staff every year, and often hire staff from overseas! Amnicon does not discriminate in our hiring based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, or religious affiliation. 

Who can come on this trip?

Trip participants must be:

  • At least 18 years old on the first day of the trip,
  • In reasonably good health,
  • Able to lift and carry 30 pounds over a short distance,
  • Able to swim 25 yards and tread water for 30 seconds while wearing a USCG certified Personal Floatation Device (life jacket),
  • Able to communicate and follow instructions given in English,
  • Able to walk half a mile over uneven terrain without assistance, AND
  • Have a licensed medical practitioner sign a health form certifying that they are healthy enough to engage in the kinds of activities we’ll do on this trip.

Anyone with a chronic medical condition must:

  • Be able to manage their own care without assistance,
  • Bring all their own medications and supplies,
  • Be willing and able to communicate with Amnicon staff if they’re not doing well,
  • Have experience managing their condition during prolonged periods of increased stress & activity, AND
  • Have not had any medical emergencies within the last year.

If you have questions about whether this trip will be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call 715-364-2602 or email

How is the food?

Good food is a high priority at Amnicon! We have a trail menu that adapts lots of the foods you are used to at home: pancakes, pasta, brats and lots more. There are plenty of snacks, too! If you have specific dietary needs please let us know so we can be prepared with good food for you, too.

Wondering something else?

current weather in the Apostle Islands

scattered clouds
scattered clouds 81° F 78° F | 82° F
  • Jul 15, 2024 overcast clouds 65° F
  • Jul 16, 2024 clear sky 59° F
  • Jul 17, 2024 few clouds 50° F
  • Jul 18, 2024 clear sky 53° F
  • Jul 19, 2024 clear sky 56° F

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Hannah Damon

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