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Mar 5, 2023Cabins, Retreats

Every season is at Amnicon is amazing in it’s own way.

Amnicon is primarily a summer camp that runs high adventure canoe trips but we also have a spacious lodge and private cabins that can be rented out anytime of the year. Each season has its own unique beauty that you can experience while you’re here. From stunning fall colors, to wintry wonderland trails, to relaxing under the summer sun, every season at Amnicon is the perfect time to visit for someone. 

Looking to plan a trip? Wondering what to expect? Read below to find the best time of year for YOU to come stay at Amnicon.  

Summer (June – August)

Summer is understandably our busiest season all around. We have groups of campers rotating through base camp preparing for their trips & cleaning up afterwards. Retreat groups stay at both retreat facilities  almost continuously. Families & individuals rent our private retreat cabins every single night they’re available. 

Because of this you’re likely a lot of people around the main site. We may be serving meals to group under the pavilion, hosting campfires on the beach, and people will just be around enjoying the trails, the lawn, and the grounds. 

That being said…cabin guests still get to experience plenty of privacy. You have your own kitchenette space in the cabin, a private outhouse, and your own outdoor fire pit. Most of our cabins only offer views of the woods and the river. 

One of the best ways to enjoy our site in the summer is sitting by a campfire on the beach at sunset. Our big sandy beach on Lake Superior is just a 15-20 minute walk from the cabins. If you build a campfire, we just ask that you keep it three feet tall or less. Expect the beach to feel about 10 degrees cooler than the main site. This means you might still need a jacket during sunset and after dark even in July and August.

Fall (September – October)

As summer ends and transitions into fall, the site starts to look different in many ways. There are fewer people around because our high adventure trips and our group retreat business tends to slow down after school is back in session.

Peak fall colors tend to come around the last week in September or the first week in October. It is typically still warm and dry enough to enjoy the outdoor fire pits, hike the trails on the property, and visit the beach. Cooler weather also means that you’re less likely to experience the nuisance of mosquito bites! 

After the leaves have fallen from the trees (mid-late October) you get the benefit of being able to see more of the geography of the land. The Amnicon River becomes visible from all around the main site, and you can even see Lake Superior if you look down the river valley behind the dining hall. 

We recommend coming in Fall if you want to enjoy the great outdoors, feel the crisp cool air, and enjoy a little slower pace of life. 

Winter (November – March)

Is visiting in winter worth it? Absolutely!

It starts to look and feel like winter in mid to late november. When the snow falls, Amnicon’s main site begins to turn into a winter wonderland. Snow starts coming as early as November and often continues through March. We tend to get a lot of snow because we are right on the shore of Lake Superior.

With the leaves gone from trees it provides great views through the trees down to the lake or river. You can cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy the view out the window or you can bundle up and explore the snowy forest.

Taking the trail down to the lake is highly recommended. Lake Superior in the winter is quite a site to be seen. Some years, huge frozen ice mounds form from the waves and kind of look similar to sand dunes but ice instead of sand. It looks like you’re on the moon! Other years the lake freezes in sheets of ice that pile up and look like panes of glass.

People often ask if they need snow shoes to travel the trails. The asnwer…sometimes! If we’ve very recently had a big storm, snow shoes may be a good idea. But after a little while, the trails do get packed down by guests & visitors that you’ll be fine in just regular winter boots. We have a few snowshoes available to borrow, and you can ask any staff person where to find them when you’re here. 

Sunset Interior

Spring (April – May)

Spring is the quietest time to visit!

Winter starts to change into spring and the snow starts to melt as early as March but often not until early April. After the snow melts, and before the leaves come in, you’ll have the chance to find the Spring Ephemeral Flowers like Marsh Marigolds, Rue Anenomes, and Trilliums. Leaves and foliage start growing in mid May.

May is when Amnicon really comes to life with birdsong. Thousands of migratory birds come through Amnicon giving you the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful bird songs each morning. A few birds you may get to see include Rosebreasted Grosbeaks, Hermit Thrushes, and American Woodcocks. A slow, quiet walk along any of our hiking trails is a great way to enjoy the abundant bird life that we have here. 

Amnicon’s soil is almost entirely red clay.Because snow is melting and spring brings rain, the hiking trails are often very muddy. If you plan to hike, bring boots or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Spring is often our slowest cabin rental season so this is a great time to really experience such a vast amount of land and nature with very few people around. 

So When is The Best Time to Visit?

Any season, any time! Each season is beautiful in its own way, and you can experience that here at Amnicon. Beautiful sunny summer days, gorgeous red, orange, and yellow colors as leaves change in the fall, a winter wonderland with all the snow you could ask for and spring flowers and beautiful colors as plants come back to life in the spring. Because of all the different things each season has to offer we have a lot of guests who come stay with us multiple times throughout the year to experience the different seasons.

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