Wilderness Adventures in a COVID World

Oct 25, 2020Adventures, Covid-19

We found a COVID-safe way to run our wilderness adventures in 2020.

So you know that no matter what 2021 brings, we’ll be here to support your ministry.

From all the research we’ve done, it seems that what we do

is one of the safest ways to come together:

Small groups, going to remote locations, and staying outdoors

Come adventure with us next summer!


  • All group activities kept outdoors, including meals
  • Wear cloth face coverings anytime we share an enclosed space, such as riding in vehicles
  • Outhouses & outdoor handwashing facilities reduced the need to go indoors
  • Assigned equipment, and reduced sharing
  • Introduced hammock camping (with bug nets & rain flys) for individual sleeping spaces
  • All members in a group must come from the same geographical area
  • Group sizes are kept small, and separate groups are kept apart from each other


  • Outdoor, single-stall SHOWERS so campers can refresh after their trips
  • Newly completed picnic pavilion for sheltered outdoor eating & gathering space even during rain
  • Improved outdoor handwashing stations

“All spring the kids were asking me,

“It’s not going to get cancelled, is it?!

It’s not going to get cancelled, right??”

And I felt good knowing that I could tell them,

“No, it’s not going to get cancelled.”

So thank you, for finding a way to make these trips work,

even during COVID.

It means a lot.” – Pastor Mark

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