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Oct 5, 2022Adventures

Planning a Summer Trip for your Youth Group Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

If you’re working in ministry it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. You work incredibly hard to support the kids in your youth group, and help them experience God’s presence in their lives. They deserve that much, don’t they? And you’re the kind of good-hearted person who wants to give them that.

But we TOTALLY get that the long hours and the weird schedules can be difficult. Churches are notoriously understaffed lately, and the constant transition we’ve been seeing the last few years can really wear you down. If you’re not getting the support you need, it’s hard to keep supporting the kids.

Bringing your youth group on a summer trip is a great way to help them bond deeply, grow personally, and truly experience God’s presence. When planning a trip at Amnicon, we want to make it as easy for you as possible, so that the kids can have the best experience possible.

Here’s what it looks like to plan a trip at Amnicon:

The bonds of friendships are strengthened in the wilderness.

1. Pick your dates and trip type. 

Picking the dates is usually the place to start. Does your church always do a trip the same week every year? Do you have other events that you need to work around? Let’s start there and see where we land. Picking the best dates usually just means starting a conversation with us. Fill our a contact form and we’ll reach out to you shortly! 

Amnicon has LOTS of different kinds of adventure & retreat experiences to choose from. No matter what your group’s age is, or their experience level, or how many people might be interested in coming…we can create a powerful experience for them. Click here to see the different kinds of adventures that we offer. And if you fill our a contact form, we’d be happy to help you choose the best trip for your group. 

2. Register & Deposit

Once we’ve decided your group’s dates & trip type, we’ll send you a customized Service Agreement to sign and return to us with a $1500 deposit. A signed service agreement and paid deposit secures your trip, and then people can start registering as participants on your trip!

A team of women work together to pull a 35' Montreal Canoe onto shore in the Apostle Islands

3. Promote & Prepare!

You don’t have to do this alone! We understand how much work it is to promote events, and get people to sign up for things. We want to make this as easy as possible for you so we’ve prepared a BUNCH of resources to help promote your trip. We’ll send you all these resources as soon as we receive your group deposit (or sooner, if it makes sense).

Here’s the promotional materials we’ve prepared for you:
  • Promotional Videos – Each video is 1-3 minutes long, and gives a good sense of what the trip will be like. Showing the video to your youth group will help get them excited to come, and remind them to sign up today!
  • Poster – We’ll mail you a poster that you can hang in the church foyer or the youth room. We’ll send you multiple posters if you’d like too! Each poster is 11″ x 17″, and has room for you to write in your group’s dates and trip cost.
  • Customized Website Dashboard – We’ll create a webpage specifically designed for your group. The URL will be something like:  This webpage will describe what the trip is like, include your group’s dates, answer some Frequently Asked Questions, and have links for participants to sign up. How easy! Dashboards are set to go live in November or December of 2022 for the summer trips of 2023.
  • Canva Folders – We’ve already made social media posts that you can tweak with your group’s dates & cost and publish on your own FB & IG accounts. We’re happy to share these with you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!
  • Zoom & In-Person Facilitator – It’s fun to bring in outside faces & voices. And when someone from camp can come speak to your youth, we can help answer questions, provide reassurance, and get people excited about coming. We LOVE getting to meet prospective campers, and it can provide good continuity for the kids who are coming.
  • Google Drive Folders – with pictures, logos, a Power Point presentation, and a printable flier all featuring the specific kind of trip your group will be doing. You’re welcome to download & use all these resources if you’d like!

Start planning your group’s trip today! 

Every trip starts with a simple conversation. Give us a call at 715-364-2602, or shoot us an email at, or fill our a contact form so that we can reach out to you! 

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