River Heroes Service Adventure

Group size: 3 - 10 people

Enjoy a wilderness adventure and service experience rolled into one!  


about the destination

The Namekagon/St. Croix Riverway is noted for being one of the most scenic waterways in the state of Wisconsin.  

You will become intimately familiar with its clear waters, lush banks, and comfortable campsites as you paddle, camp, and care for this precious eco-system!

Along your route, you’ll stop to clean up trash and remove invasive species. Your hard work will bless the critters who call this place home, and the fellow travelers who have also come here to experience real peace. You’ll live the call to care for God’s creation.

Trip overview

The week begins at Amnicon, where you have a day or preparation and orientation to learn everything you need to know, such as how to pack and what to do if your canoe tips. We do a big campfire on our sandy beach of Lake Superior that night. The next morning, we drive you out to the Namekagon. You spend each day paddling down the river, setting up camp each afternoon. There is time to swim, explore, and play before cooking dinner over the fire. You end each evening with a meaningful community conversation around the fire. At the end of your trip, we’ll pick you up and bring you back to Amnicon. You’ll spend your last night sleeping under the stars on our sandy beach of Lake Superior. It’s AWESOME!

frequently asked questions

What are the bathroom facilities like?

Campsites have pit toilets that are often referred to as “Ranger Boxes”. They are down a path and out of view of the campsite. It’s like sitting on a toilet seat without any walls. It might be a little weird your first time, but once you get used to it, the view is quite nice! And no walls means they usually don’t smell bad. Every few miles along the river there are boat landings that have concrete outhouses.

Is there any portaging?

Nope! That’s one of the perks of paddling down a river.

Is there time for swimming?

Usually there is ample time to swim on this trip. Campsites are located every ½  – 1 mile along the river, which means each group has a lot of flexibility in terms of how far they want to paddle each day and how much free time they want to have.

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